Moot Court


Mooting can best be described as an activity that comes closest to being a lawyer while still studying at law school. It involves identifying legal issues out of a complex factual scenario, doing exhaustive research on those issues to advance arguments with authorities, followed by drafting extensive written submissions and finally the gruelling orals before a bench of eminent judges. In a nutshell, it is everything a lawyer is expected to do once he starts practising law.


The Moot Court Society (“MCS”) is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering and facilitating all mooting related activities at SCLC and upholding the high standards of excellence that SCLC has set for itself in the field of mooting.

Our primary roles include:

  • Constituting the University Moot Team, a process which stretches over a month, to represent the SCLC at various national and international moots. MCS appoints an MCS In-charge and legal strategists to support and guide the teams in their respective competition.
  • Developing future mooters, as well as to inculcate an interest in mooting in the university. The MCS follows a policy of encouraging participation in mooting from all batches, organizes extensive workshops and demonstrations to enable them to learn the process of mooting and arranges for interactive sessions with experienced mooters and litigators from previous batches.

Our Work

We also started the first edition of IMC since 2018.

On an Intra-university level, we have been organizing the University Moot Rounds every year in order to constitute the moot teams for that academic year. We have been constantly revising and updating the various MCS Policies in order to ensure a fair and equitable offering mechanism for moots. Furthermore, MCS for the purpose of encouraging first years to take up moots has been organizing ‘Demo Moots’, ‘Introductory Moot Workshops’, ‘Novices Moot’ and ‘Class Rounds’ and appoints moot mentors to support them. We have seen remarkable performance from our first-year mooters in the past. In the past, MCS has also organized Inter-Class moot, which puts senior batches against the junior batches and Alumni v. Student moot.

Plans for AY 2021-22

We have already conducted the University Moot Rounds for offering the moots to participants. One of our prime focus for the rest of this academic year would be to familiarize and encourage the first-year students to take up mooting to preserve and build on the mooting culture we have in SCLC. We would be organizing various activities namely Demo moots, Moot Workshops, Novice Moots, Intra-batch Moots for first and second years.


We take first-year junior co-opts which includes co-opts from 1st year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) and LL.M. batches. The selection is done on the basis of one’s organizational experience in the past and interview. We also have positions of Senior Co-opts where we allow the students from the second to the fifth year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) to apply for the post. The selection is done taking into consideration the organizational experience and interview. Membership Selection in MCS is done at the end of the year in accordance with the MCS Membership criteria which is revised from time to time. MCS also has the discretion of taking a person as a technical Co-opt to handle only the technical work.

Committee Heads And Members:

Office Bearers:

  • Waheba Anwar [Convenor]  [824004460]
  • Shruti Bhaskar{Office Bearer} [9341686632]
  • Bhargavi Kundu{Office Bearer}


  • Raghuvans Mani
  • Preeti Pragyan Behera
  • Tanu Priya
  • Harsha Somalia
  • Sakshi Tiwari
  • Supriya Singh
  • Mahek Choudhury
  • Amit Kumar Rao
  • Ritika Prasad
  • Jaya Shaw
  • Moumita Kirtania
  • Sharbari Majumder

Contact Us

Email:- Moot Court Society: [email protected]